Feathery Friends

Whether they're for eggs or pets, Botley Mills has a wide range of products available for your feathery friends; from bird seed to corn, and feeders to treats, we have something for almost every avian animal in stock.


Dinner Time

Every bird needs a good healthy meal, and our range of in-store feed means that your feathered ones are getting the best they can.


Nap Time

It's always best to rest in a comfy place, and our poultry bedding ensures your birds get the best rest they can.


Play Time

Not all your birds will be able to fly, so our range of poultry troys will be sure to keep your feathered ones busy.


Medicine, Care & Supplements

Ensure your bird and poultry is healthy and bright whatever the weather. A healthy bird is a happy bird.


Treats & More

Treat your feathered ones with something from our range of poultry treats.