Small And Fluffy

Whether it's bouncing bunnies or happy hamster, Botley Mills has everything you need for the smallest pets in your house, including treats, cages, and cleaning supplies. Come and visit our small pet area and see what animals we have in store looking for their forever homes.

small pet area.jpg


We now have a dedicated area for small pets.

Why not come down and take a look at our cuddly additions. Who knows, you might just fall in love!


Dinner Time

Small animals love a good nibble, but make sure what they're eating is what's best for them with our nutritious and tasty food and treats, available in large value packs so you can stock up.


Nap Time

Whether your little one prefers wood-shavings, hay or straw to make its bed, make sure you have plenty of clean bedding to hand by stocking up with large value packs from our range.


Play Time

Make sure your small animal has plenty to keep itself entertained with something from our toy range, which includes everything from chew toys to exercise balls.


Medicine & Care

Make sure your loved one is fit and healthy with a range of healthcare products. Having some of these in your cupboard can help prevent illness and minimise discomfort when it does strike.


Treats & More

We have a huge range of treats for your small animal, whether it be rabbits, guinea pigs, rat, or ferrets.



Access to clean water is important for keeping your small animal healthy, so let your pet refresh itself when it wants with our range of bowls, bottles and accessories.