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The bird box range at Botley Mills Country Store

Bird boxes, also known as nesting boxes, are a fantastic way to attract wildlife into your garden. They are an essential accessory for any bird lover's garden. Whether you're a seasoned bird watcher or just starting out, having a nesting box installed in your garden can attract a variety of different bird species for you to observe. By investing in a bird box, you can help support the conservation of local bird populations while also experiencing the joy of wildlife in your own back garden. Choose from a range of quality and long-lasting bird boxes online or in-store. We stock wooden Supa Nesting boxes as well as handmade birdhouses.


What size nest box do I need?

It is important to consider the different sizes of bird boxes available online and choose the one that suits the particular bird species you wish to attract. We offer nest boxes in a range of sizes suitable for a range of small and medium sizes birds such as tits, sparrows and jays.


Where should I put my nest box?

As a general rule, it's best to position it in areas with good sunlight and ventilation, away from predators. Nesting boxes should be installed in a position that offers the utmost safety for the birds. Experts recommend putting the box in a sheltered area, such as a garden shed or a tree, about 1.5-5m above the ground. If placed on a tree or fence, aim to fix it in a position where pets such as dogs or cats cannot disturb the birds.