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Keep your horse and pony worm-free with wormers and worm counts

Getting worming right is important. Over the past few years, the focus has shifted from regular, seasonal worming, to worming as and when needed. This is because of rising concern about the build-up of resistance to wormers from overuse. Here at Botley Mills Country Store, our AMTRAD-trained team follows this guideline, urging horse owners to use a worm count before buying wormers for their horses.


The worm count kit approach

A worm count kit enables you to carry out regular worm count testing and allows you to monitor and target parasites ensuring you are only using chemicals as and when needed. It can be done at any time of the year, and as regularly as you need to. Worm count kits can be bought online and in-store at Botley Mills Country Store.


Shop from a range of horse wormers

If you do need to worm your horse or pony, we can supply you with the correct worming product in-store. Whilst we can’t sell these online, when visiting us in-store, our qualified team will be happy to help and advise on how to administer horse wormers.